Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Like and Don't Like

Its hard to stay happy when everyone around you is bringing you down!


So, being the loyal hard working employee I am, I've spent the afternoon googling! Googling (what a funny word!) ideas on how to get around this little issue.

I've got to focus on me, not others yadda yadda, I know! So one little idea Ive seen is to list 10 things you like about yourself. And 10 things you don't like. It's going to be hard, hard to stick to 10 things I don't like, hard to find 10 things I actually do like! The idea is that it will help me focus on what i do like, and change what i don't, if in fact it does need changing.

Feed back on this would be more than welcome, if I forget something that totally pisses you off about me, feel free to let me know, I can't improve if I'm not made aware of what I'm doing wrong. And of course, if you were to have the sudden urge to tell me how wonderful I am, and list the things you love about me, well I wont stop you ;)

The don't like list; (i think its easiest to start here!)

1. MY CONFIDENCE, or lack there of!

2. My skin. I have 13 year olds pimples and my mothers wrinkles! what the...?!

3. My hair, I've done so much to it, it doesn't love me any more! I wish I had long wavy hair, or I wish I could afford extensions!

4. I have trouble showing affection

5. I always compare my self to others, and then believe I'm not as good

6. My financial situation

7. Although I constantly make sure that my friends know I love and appreciate them, I'm slack at the actual face to face catching up stuff!

8. I can be quick to bite when I'm angry, often without thinking first

9. I don't show my mum enough how important she is to me

10. I put too much importance on what I look like

11. (oops, we got to eleven!) I'm not good at saying no, and therefore become a bit of a "gunna"

12. (oops, and 12!) I have no boobs, I hate them and wish I could look like a woman... though I'm not vain enough, or rich enough, to go through with a boob job

13. (oh no!) My brain is constantly in "yeah, but...." motion. ie, if some one was to pay me a compliment that my hair looks great today, initially I will be pleased, but then the "yeah, but.." will come in to it... "Yeah, but it must look shit every other day then", or "yeah, but she probably says that to everyone" or "yeah, but not as good as blah blah blahs!"

The like list;

1. I'm nice, or at least make a conscious effort to be

2. I appreciate the little things that make life beautiful

3. I'm a loyal friend

4. I'm learning that being an individual is so much more attractive than being a sheep

5. No more talking and sulking, I am actually getting off my arse and sorting out my head, I'm getting happy because I'm doing something about it (with a few little bumps in the road!)

6. I can write a blog that actually has people interested!

7. I have a slightly creative bone in my body

8. I'm responsible - but not overly

9. My handwriting is kinda nice (I'm starting to struggle here, can you tell?!!)

10. I'm an animal lover.

So now the work begins!


  1. Ummmm... Okay! So here's a few more:

    11. You're piss funny
    12. You're a total hottie
    13. You are genuine, friendly and honest
    14. You are tough and strong (but not in a manly way)
    15. You are loyal (sometimes to a fault - but that's because you see the potential of who someone can be or have been in the past, not so much what they are right now).
    16. You're witty and smart
    17. You treat animals as if they were your brothers and sisters
    18. You are charasmatic and approachable
    19. Generous and very caring... Just down right lovely all round
    20. Oh and you keep good company

  2. Karls, I fuckin love you... I love number 15! thank you so much

  3. I don't know you, but I think the "like" list totally outweighs the "don't like" :)

  4. whoa... i like the dont like list and loved the like list.. great .. i wanna follow you and read things about you and your lyf.. feel free to follow me too !


Thank You XX