Friday, July 24, 2009

Updates and dinner dates

Just a quick update.

Steve took me out for tea last night! As a surprise! I think that's the first time in our 11 years together! Beautiful meal and great company! Life's good people!

On another note though, I had 5 near misses in my car yesterday, none were my fault! I drive a little 2 seater dark blue Mazda MX5, people always say they didn't see me! I'd hate to ride a freaking motorbike! I had one truck and one ute pull out in front of me within 10 minutes of each other, leaving me to skid to avoid them, I had a guy run out into the middle of the road in front of me, once again I had to skid to avoid hitting him! I had an old lady decide at the last second to turn into the lane I was in, with out looking, narrow escape after we beeped the horn! And Steve managed to bog my car in our driveway, almost hitting the front fence, and almost rolling it down the hill! My car is a magnet for accidents, The only two original panels on it are the two doors, every other one has been replaced and it has never once been my fault! Its always been because people don't see my car!

On the bright side, I'm here to tell the story! Maybe I should buy a powerball ticket!

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