Monday, August 31, 2009

32 things. Number 9 - Either dye my hair red or get extentions, or maybe both!

I did it! I dyed my hair red! (pics to come).

But in doing so I came to a terrible realisation that I'm "that girl" - you know the one that believes that skinny + blonde + big boobs = Beauty. I know how stupid that is! I know so many beautiful red heads, brunettes, hell the most attractive girl I know has the blackest of black hair! But it's not for me! I have no boobs - my friends 11 year old daughter is bigger than me, seriously! - So I feel that I have to compensate by being blond - maybe two out of three ain't too bad! I know how wrong it sounds, but in my head I cant see anyone looking past the busty blonde to get a look at the flat chested brunette!

Someone told me the other month that I was to pale to have my hair as blonde as it was (it was platinum). So natch that's what I saw every time I looked in the mirror. Maybe that thing that resembles a spiderweb on my head isn't actually doing we wonders in the hot department! It got me thinking.... heaps of rangas are pale, and a vast majority of them are gorgeous. Theres my answer, I'll go red! It might even make my skin look better if I have a hair colour that complements it! So after a few weeks contemplating ( I wont be going back to blonde - without a wig - for a very long time!) I decided to join the Ginger Ninjas!.

I feel so boring :( and i sure don't feel like a hot redder! We didn't quite get it as red as I'd have liked but that will take time (it's a pretty big deal changing from almost white!) So I'll have to build up the colour, but like Ali said, it means I just keep getting hotter. Damn it!

With out putting down the red too much, there are some big bonuses I've already found....

♥ The shine factor - hair that resembled straw weighed down by a gallon of hair spray in an attempt to tame the frizzies doesn't exactly scream luster! Its nice to have some shine!

♥ Regrowth - although the red will fade, it'll be nice not to look like an inside out skunk 2 weeks after spending half my pay packet to fix that exact problem!

♥ Improving the condition - Not bleaching my hair might help it to grow - hopefully curing my hair piece addiction - thus saving me money! bonuses all round!

♥ The more I learn to love it, the more it'll help me dispel my stupid belief that blondes have all the fun!

♥ And I get to cross off number nine on my 32 things! woot! Go me. 2 down 30 to go!

Hopefully I'll learn to love being red, after all, Red is the new blonde!


  1. Blondes may have more fun...

    but brunette's do it better...
    redheads are heaps good in bed...
    and once you go black, you never go back (mainly cause you can't - trust me)!

  2. Gee ! loved your post ! Red is the new blonde ! right for you.. following your hair growth and other things loudly !
    love naqvee... and if you get time after you are done with quintessential things in your life, check me out..


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