Monday, August 17, 2009

The Crazy Resch Girls!

Here, though it looks like we are in a restaurant, we are actually being chased by a rhino!

We just won tattslotto!

Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. Ha yeah right, not with the Resch girls around!

Me, Emma and Bec @ Becs 18th

I consider myself very lucky to get along so well with my sisters. I love them both with all my ♥.
It hasn't always been like this. Emma is 2 years younger than I, and we used to HATE each other, to the point that she got sent to boarding school and I moved out of home. (A whole other blog there!)
Where as with Bec, who is 11 years younger than me, we were much closer when she was younger. We still are very close, but being 20 brings other priorities than spending time with your boring older sister. Though to be fair, I am reminded on a regular basis how much she does love me, usually at about 2am on a Sunday, something along the lines of "I fucking LOVE YOU, nah serious, I fuckin love ya, you're the best sister any one could ask for, I dont tell you that enough!"

When we do spend time together though, it is sooooo much fun! We're always silly, and crazy, usually immature and loud! We all have a tattoo of a star on our feet, Mum does too! I never feel more comfortable than I do when I'm with my sisters, Theres no self esteem issues when your playing drinking games or having impromptu photo shoots (see above!) with your sisters!
Unfortunately Maz (Emma) is having a bit of a hard time at the moment. Shes never been a talker, so it's like taking blood from a stone trying to find out whats up. So I don't. I respect that she's a private person, but I also want her to know that I'm always here for her and that I love her unconditionally.
Does anyone have any suggestions to help lift her spirits without suffocating her?

* yes, I change my hair colour almost as often as I change my undies!

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