Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flowers and Babies

I had an impromptu psychic reading last night.

I'm not necessarily a believer, but I'm certainly not a disbeliever either. I guess I'm 95% open minded, 5% sceptic. For that reason I wont get too much into it, but here's a few of the things that stood out to me. Take it with a grain of salt if you wish.

* Its probably worth noting that no money was exchanged, she asked me, not vice versa and that I was silent during the reading, she didn't ask me questions, I didn't ask her, she simply told me what she was reading.

She tells me that she can see a flower, its in the bud stage at the moment and she can see it slowly opening up, and when it's fully opened theres lots of purple and red, meaning love. She said its a beautiful flower, absolutely magical. She put a lot of focus on this flower and said that it represents me changing, when it's fully opened everything will be whole, I'll be where I'm striving to get to. Open minded me straight away took this as meaning this, my blog, my quest for happiness and self esteem, the flower has began opening because I've started to do something about changing these things, rather than waiting for them to change. Sceptic me says that really anyone could apply this to their life, perhaps they've started a new job, a new relationship, you see where I'm going here! But on this one, I'm going to going down the open mind track. I figure the worst than can happen in believing it, is a little bit of positive thinking, its also a beautiful metaphor, so theres no harm in believing that one day, if I continue the way I'm going, that I will be a beautiful, magical flower!

She also tells me that she can see me having children but I'm holding it back because of my thought processes. She told me to think of the flower, the opening of the flower and its beauty, magic and love. Sceptic tells me that theres a good chance that a married girl my age is going to be thinking in some way or another about children, so it's not a far stretch to throw that in. Open minded me says, hey, no harm in a little more positive thinking! It'd be a pretty awesome reward really if I could manage to become who I want to be AND to be given a gift of life. She said the number 6 comes up a lot... please don't let me be having sextuplets!!!

I was told that I need to show my mum how much I love her (hmm, the psychics been reading my blog!!!) and how special she is to me. She said that she really needs me at the moment. Sceptic: everyones mum needs to know they are special! Open mind: WOW! yesterday mum was given the sad news that a friend of hers, Jandy, my name sake, had passed away maybe up to 10 years ago. Mum had been looking for Jandy through out those 10 years and another of mums friends had stumbled upon an ex boyfriend of Jandy's who gave them the news. Of course mum needs me, and I'm going to do something to make her know just how special she is to me.
I was also told that I am allowed to have feelings, I canfeel how I feel and not be ashamed or embarassed. But I need to learn not to get angry so easily, I need to let my frustrations amuse me that way they wont weigh me down. Once again, anyone could apply this to their lives, but at the moment I do struggle with biting too quick when I'm grumpy (see like and dont like!) and it is something I want to change, perhaps we'll try letting it amuse me!

The reading finished with my psychic laughing, telling me how my "guides" are great, very fun, humorous and cheeky! That's pretty cool, I'd like to believe that whoever or whatever guides me through life has a great time doing it!

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  1. well.. i would love to get one psychic reading for me as well.. if its free... .. I wonder what made her think this for you?
    love elaan


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