Monday, August 10, 2009

I Heart ♥ (my happiness lists new name!)

♥ Sitting reading a book or the morning paper in our cafe on Sunday Mornings

♥ Auditioning for Australian Idol, alone in my car, the music LOUD!

♥ Micky, for making me laugh on a Monday morning

♥ Exploring, and finding new things and places with SteveMoving our couch from the spare room to the verandah so we have a comfy place to chill and look at the view of the mountains

♥ Watching the doggies enjoy the afternoon winter sun - lazing about on OUR comfy couch!

♥ My leather jacket - It's frilly and girly, not bikerish!

♥ Bacon and Eggs for Sunday breakfast and a pot of hot tea.

♥ Pressing the snooze button as many times as I want on a Saturday morning

♥ The feedback I've received since starting my blog, I cant say thank you enough xx

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