Monday, August 24, 2009

I ♥

I've got my cranky pants on today! No particular reason, It's Monday, my weekend was all about helping other people (which should give me a warm fuzzy feeling, but my cranky pants squash that feeling and thrown it out the window!), Steve had his cranky pants on yesterday. I need some Jandy time, time to refocus!

C'mon ♥ list , help me out here!

♥ Facials!! (yes I had my first one! post to come!)

♥ The mummy, daddy and 5 baby ducks I had the pleasure of meeting on Friday afternoon.

♥ A screwed up, dying daisy that I was given by my 3 year old neighbor... it's the thought that counts!

♥ Freedom - a no doubt controversial post to come on Schapelle Corby. You can't help but ♥ your freedom if you know about her story.

♥ That my BFF Katie got a new job, congrats pumpkin pie xx America here we come!

5 will do today! perhaps I'll think about changing the day I post my I ♥ list! Mondays aren't always my best days!


  1. Would that be my crazy kid giving you flowers??

  2. yeah! she had it in her pocket all day, wasnt looking all that great by the time i got it!! she picked you a daffodil too...but left it behind the car and it got run over!!! like i said, it's the thought that counts!


Thank You XX