Monday, August 31, 2009

I ♥

♥ Waking up on Sunday morning to a sparkling clean house (I'm getting old!)

♥ Lazy weekends (although you can't have both a sparkling house AND a lazy weekend!)

♥ Out of the blue phone call from an old friend, and not once was it weird, it was like we spoke yesterday

♥ Having my hair done - what could be better than sitting on my bum for two hours while people make me beautiful!

♥ Having my relationship on track, crossing things off my 32 things, having beautiful friends and family, life working out the way I want it to. For once!

1 comment:

  1. #1: So do I. (That means I'm getting old, too!);
    #2 made me smile coz it's indeed true; #3: yes, that's weird; #4 oh yeah! Same with a spa or a massage; and #5 I can't agree more!

    Cool list of things you love :)


Thank You XX