Monday, August 10, 2009

Lists lists and more lists!

I know! I'm a naughty girl, but I'm helping the environment, surely recycling this from facebook would save a few black balloons yeah?!!

Heres my list of 25 random facts about lil old me;

1. I have the most annoying name and address to spell out to people on the phone “like sandy but with a J, Resch hyphen Pitts, no not Titts, PITTS!, Falkingham rd… F. A. L. K. I. N. G. H. A. M. !!!”
2. I had a very unusual upbringing and saw a lot of things that most people I know, even in their adult lives, could only imagine.
3. I'm obsessed with the CFA website and in summer check it at least 10 times a day, because I live in a bush fire prone area and im petrified of my animals burning to death.
4. My dad died when I was 3, and although I don’t miss him as such, I will always wonder who I’d be if his influence had have helped mold my life.
5. I'm a bit of a hippy at heart and couldn't’t live with out being surrounded by trees.
6. I have a bone to pick with all the celebrities who say they “found them selves” when they turned 30… because I'm still looking….
7. I have no toe nails on either of my little toes!
8. I broke my arm when I was 10 but my mum didn’t believe me so she didn’t take me to the doctors for 6 weeks, by then it had almost healed itself so I didn’t need plaster but I got it anyway so that my friends could sign it!
9. For my 7th birthday I got a pound puppy toy named Mishka, who still sits on the end of my bed, and still helps me through the night when I'm sad.
10. After I refused to get out of the car at a beautiful look out in the Dandenongs because I'd heard there was a rapist in the area, my now husband proposed to me at Lilydale Lake! I'm sure considered by many as one of the most romantic places in the world, right up there with the Eiffel tower!!!!
11. After my dad died, I lived with a foster family who were professional clowns!
12. My Fathers side of the family began the Reschs brewery in NSW, responsible for Reschs beer (still sold in NSW)
13. I have too many pets! 2 dogs (plus madds, beau and nikki in a box), 7 cats, 2 turtles, and 6 birds!
14. Ive always tried my hardest to be a nice person but have been walked over a lot so stopped for a while, but now have realised that despite people not always appreciating it, I'd rather be nice than a bitch.
15. I often wonder why out of everywhere in the world, I chose to live in Mt Evelyn, but deep down I love it and know I'd regret it if I moved.
16. I wasted my teens and twenties battling self esteem issues and am determined to not waste my thirties doing the same.
17. I never speak to anyone on the plane or in the airport in Bali, until I know I'm safe and no ones filled my bags with marijuana, Schapelle Corby style! Then its time to enjoy my favorite place in the world! (I'm also a Schapelle supporter, FYI!)
18. Im a dag, but ive learnt to embrace it instead of trying to be cool!
19. I have an awesome family, my mum and two sisters. We all share a very odd sense of humor, know to us as Resch humor, not many people out of the family quite understand it!
20. I break the ice when meting new people, by being sarcastic, which is often misunderstood for rudeness!
21. My dark blue Mazda MX5 is always filthy, the joys of living on a dirt road and working at a wrecking yard between a quarry and a mulch yard! But I love him!
22. My cars name is Max and most people know him by that name!
23. I could sit and watch Laguna Beach or The Hills for days at a time non stop!
24. I love crinkle cut salt and vinegar chips and ALWAYS eat them along the crinkles, usually until my lips go numb and start to peal!
25. I have an addiction to ice (as in frozen water!) and need to eat it every day!

Peace out


  1. HI,

    I came across your blog by accident - and I'm glad I did. Quite afew of your "25's" I can relate to. They did give me a laugh. (My car's called Fifi) And an odd sense of humour - hmm, I can relate to that. Thanks for your thoughts, it makes for happy reading.

  2. well im glad that you and fifi could join me and max!! Am very much enjoying your blog too now xx


Thank You XX