Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Manis Rumah Manis

Manis Rumah Manis is Balinese for "Home Sweet Home", 2 of my favorite things in the whole wide world - Bali and home!

During the time that Steve was sick, and I was struggling with life, our poor little house got quite neglected. It is a shame because before hand we had made it home, we had beautiful gardens, painted the inside and out, all the little things to make it ours.

But now that our relationship is going great guns, and everything is looking brighter, our rumah manis is getting the love it deserves!

I love love love my home! Its not big and fancy, its not modern but its my home. A massive reason I never left Steve was because I couldnt stand the thought of leaving my home. I want to always park my car in MY drive way, open MY front door, hang my hand bag on MY hook, use MY kettle to boil the water for MY cup of tea that I'm going to sit on MY couch and drink. It sounds silly, but leaving it was not an option. I know its just bricks and mortar (or in our case, cedar) but its where I belong, It's where my heart is.

It also brings Steve and I together, we both love working in the garden, and fixing things up inside.

We only looked at probably 5 or six houses when we were buying, the minute I walked in our front door, I knew it was ours! The real estate agent said that he always knows when he's sold a house by the woman's reaction, mine was text book!

Apparently we have bad feng shui because of the cathedral ceilings with dark beams over our heads (that's supposed to be a weight on your shoulders, causing strain in relationships) I some times wondered, in the hard times, if that might be our solution - to move houses, take the weight off our shoulders - but am proud to say we stuck it out, no dark beams gonna get us down!

I think I could spend a whole week at home without leaving it even once and not be bored. There's a hell of a lot to do, fixing things, weeding, painting (OK, I admit it, the first paint job was never quite finished!) we want to pave the drive way, build a carport (I'm too lazy to get of the car to open the garage door!!) yadda yadda, the list goes on, and I doubt there will ever be an end to it! But I'm more than happy to spend the rest of my life improving our rumah manis!

Its in a bush fire prone area, its on a dirt road (that is very poorly kept by the local council), it's getting on in age, theres little parking for visitors, but we also never have traffic, we never get a frost because of where we are in the valley, our neighbours are a close knit group, and because of where we are in the valley we always have extreme weather which is one of my other favorite things in the world!

It's also the cosiest place I know! It has a beautiful open fire place, gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains, we recently put a big old comfy couch on the verandah so we can sit and waste hours reading, talking, eating drinking and just watching the view, it's secluded but not far from anything, theres plenty of great walks nearby, theres dozens of places to sit and relax, read a book or have a drink, theres a big deck and an awesome BBQ area for entertaining, we have stunning gardens (under the weeds!) that attract native animals and birds, We cant see our neighbours so the only time I draw the curtains is to keep the heat in or out! And ,well because its our house, I've started a mural on one of our spare bedrooms walls, just coz I can!

Ive always wanted to live on some land, in the bush. But in reality our semi rural 3/4 of an acre suit us to a tee. Its a hell of a lot to maintain 3/4 of an acre so I can only imagine that my dream of 5 acres would be an almost full time job!

Oh how I wish to be snuggled on my couch right now!

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