Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Number 5. Join the Karma Army

What's the Karma Army?

Its actually really cool, Basically 5 years ago Danny Wallace put an advertisement out saying only "join me" and his phone number. The idea was to see if anyone would actually join him, without having a clue what they were joining in on! Several people did join him and they sat down and discussed what they should do next. They decided on the Karma Army.

Since then, thousands and thousands have joined the simple cause - to be nice, at least once a week, to someone else, for absolutely no personal gain whatsoever.

Joinee's (members), are encouraged to undertake Random Acts of Kindness on a day-to-day basis... maybe it’s paying for the cup of tea that the person in the queue in front of you has just ordered... maybe it’s offering to carry an old woman’s shopping (and not legging it)... maybe it’s as simple as holding a door open for someone.

How cool is that! All you have to do is log on here and send a passport sized photo to the address you'll find there. You'll then have to fill out a questionnaire. Then what happens? Well the web site says "you'll find out!"

My passport photo is in the mail. So I haven't quite joined the karma army, but I'm on the way! Any one else want to join or are you already a joinee?

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