Friday, August 14, 2009

Stars and Stripes!

In 132 days I fly out of Melbourne to LA! My Mum, my Step Dad, one of my sisters and my bestie, Katie are going on a trip of a lifetime!

We fly from Melbourne to LA, then to Boston, to Washington, to New York City - for New Years!, then back to LA, then to Las Vegas and back to LA again!

Katie lives close to 1000 kilometers aways from me, so any time we get to catch up is awesome, but last new years (08/09) we had the worst new years we've ever had!

Whenever Katie and I get to spend sometime together, which isn't nearly enough! it usually involves lots of junk food (far, far too much!) lots of shopping (theres no such thing as too much shopping - though our bank balances may beg to differ!), lots of watching The Hills and Laguna Beach and a few cocktails or champers. And obviously, lots of money! So this trip was already different with the fact that we were both broke, no shopping this time! We'd never spent New Years together so we were going to do it on the cheap but were determined to still have a great time, maybe head in to the city or something.

To make a long story short, Steves depression is at its worst at times like Christmas and New Years, Birthdays etc. He was going to be our lift and at about 11.15 decided he wanted nothing to do with us. So here's me and Katie, 45 mins till midnight, dressed up with no where to go! We, stupidly, decided to drive up the mountains to a look out where you can see the whole of Melbourne, we got there with about 2 minutes to spare, hugged each other and said "happy new years" and went home! On our way home we decided to get a midnight snack, so stopped at the local service station. Katie went in and bought some dim sims, meanwhile I found a lost dog, obviously petrified by the fireworks. After maybe 15 minutes I found someone to take the dog and went back to the car to find that Katie had eaten all our midnight snack! So right there and then , we made a pact to make sure that the next new years would be the best one ever!

So when Mum told me of her plans to be in Times Square, New York City for the next new years, Katie and I couldn't say no! The bonus of seeing The Hills and Laguna Beach for real helped in our decision a little too! Oooh and Vegas baby! How exciting!

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