Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lists and Smiles

An update on my quest for happiness.

Like Ive said before, Ive found some amazing blogs about happiness. (If you check out the blogs I'm following, you'll find them there).

The main thing I've learnt from reading other blogs is that I'm certainly not the only one on this journey. There's blogs out there devoted to the subject. I think that's beautiful. So many people I've read about or spoken to are either looking for what makes them happy, or have found it and now their focus is on helping others.

Another thing I've learnt is that appreciating the little things brings a whole new outlook on life. There is something beautiful, something to make you happy around every corner, every day.
Most importantly, Happiness starts with ME. I can't rely on any other person, place, job etc to make me happy.

Guess what? I thought it would take a hell of a lot longer than this, but I feel as though I'm now moving from the "finding happiness" phase to "maintaining and building my happiness" (wow, that sounds extremly clinical for something so fun and enriching!)

I'm going to start a list, maybe once a week about the things that I love, that make me happy, that make my day brighter.

Here's list number one; (Perhaps I'll find a more appealing name for my happiness lists!)

♥ The evening sun on the mountains near my house
♥ Falling asleep whilst listening to the rain on our tin roof
♥ Having an early day at work with no plans at all for the afternoon
♥ My cats purring
♥ Glitter
♥ Vanilla ice cream with chocolate Ice Magic
♥ Bright yellow daffodils in muddy wet winter paddocks
♥ Saturday mornings at the market
♥ Pretty nail polish
♥ Good hair days (they don't happen very often!)
♥ Genevieve's new purse (so cute, brown leather outside, multi coloured inside!)
♥ Urge the Boys jewellery

keep smiling,

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