Monday, September 7, 2009

32 things. Number 13 - Have a date with my sisters

Or as we like to call it, Resches Gone Wild!

We started out at Hogs Breath for dinner, then on to the Irish pub for a few (too many) drinks!

I'll let the photos tell the story!....

Making our mark.

Mazz & Buzzy happy lil vegimites!

Whats with the cranky pants Mazz?

This is our "don't take my photo paparazzi!" pose. Yeah, we got in going on!

Looking good, with random peeps... we don't know them!

Yeah, Mazz doesn't know them!

Brain Damage - That's what the shot was called too!

Totes Yay! (Yay about what? who knows, but yay none the less!)

Mary's Merry!!

That's how we roll!

The night ended with a drunken call to Steve to "please come get me, its soooooooooooooooo cold baby!" while balling my eyes out and a couple of chucks on trip back home when he did come and save me!

I woke up pretty well on Saturday morning, better than I thought anyway! Though I did have an unexplained lump and cut on my fore head, a cut knuckle (Mazz thinks this could have happened when I was bashing her heater because I was so cold, though she can't quite remember!) and a camera full of "Umm, who's that?" Or ""WTF?" photos!

A broken sewer main at the front of our house, however, helped kick in the hangover pretty quickly, and after a lovely lunch with my girls Ali, Jill, Georgie and Teags, This is how I spent Saturday afternoon and night......

Steve was so amazing! He's given up drinking since he's been on his medication, so after the standard lecture he looked after me like I've never been looked after before! I had a bit of a case of the guilts, but when I see this pic, I def needed the lazy day! Thanks Geds!

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  1. Ahhhh, you crazy kids! Clamato makes the blues go away!


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