Monday, September 28, 2009

32 things. Number 21 - Cook dinner, including entree and desert

"Ah....excuse me, have you seen Jandy anywhere? I’m not sure if you know her, but my BFF doesn’t cook!!! Ha-ha!! "
Yup, that's what Ali wrote to me this morning when I told her I had cooked soup with bread rolls, home made pizza and vanilla and chocolate cup cakes and choc chip cookies.
I'm soooo not a cook - Steve does the cooking in our house, I've told him that when he learns to clean the toilets, I'll learn to cook!
I of course had the classic incidents, like taking the cup cakes out of the oven too early, and leaving the pizza in for too long! but it was edible, and some of it was even tasty!
Every woman should take a leaf out of my book and not cook! Because when you occasionally do, it's appreciated, it doesn't matter about the taste so much and its fun!
Unfortch my camera died so I only got a pic of the cupcakes and cookies, I did honestly make the rest, honest!

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  1. Good on you love!! I'm very proud!!!


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