Monday, September 21, 2009

My weekend of markets and chickens!

There's no better way than to spend Saturday morning with the ferals, hippies and other interesting people at St Andrews market
Soon these lil ladies will be making me the yummiest eggs!

Damn you Monday!
We had a lovely weekend, but it's gone far too quickly!
Already planning the next one!
We spent Saturday morning at St Andrews market
and then checked out the Celebrating St Andrews Festival in the afternoon
headed up to Kinglake for a cuppa with great friends,
Then I spent Saturday night on the couch with Baby and Patrick (Dirty Dancing was on!)
Sunday, had my beautiful friends Ali and Daz visit for a cuppa
(and not much else - must go grocery shopping!)
then Steve and I went to a friends house and chose our 5 new baby chickens!
They are only 2 weeks old now, so we'll get them in about 4 weeks!
Then we'll always have our own free range eggs!
and more friends for the farm!
I had anticipated crossing one or two things off my 32 things, but I didn't!
Next weekend!
Steve washed my bike the other day, so I'd like to ride the Warburton Trail at some stage
and I think we could fit in a counter meal in a country pub too.

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  1. I have to come to the market's with you guy's one weekend soon!! Ryan is so not into going to them.

    Can't wait to meet the little chickadee's when they arrive :)


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