Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The crazy cat lady!

A few years ago one of Steves old friends told me that before he got to know me him and his mates would call me the crazy cat lady. He thought I'd be offended! ha! nup, thats me! I have no doubt I'll be that old lady in her rocking chair on the verandah yelling at the kids on their way home from school, surrounded by my 20 very loved and spoilt cats! Whats wrong with that?!!

I'm a sucker really, if I let one of my cats have a litter, I have to keep one, if one of my friends tell me they have to find a new home for their loved cat, I'll take it!

So, I thought I'd introduce you to my babies;

Wizzy aka The Wizz Meister!

Wizzy is one of the aforementioned fellas. His mum, my beautiful friend Nicole (hi nan! xx) fell pregnant a year and 10 months ago (aprox!)and when she told me she wanted to find a new home for Wizzy, I couldnt say no (I wonder if she asked anyone else??!!!). Wizz came from a one cat home so he had a hard time fitting in with our guys, but with lots of love from Steve and I, he's now part of the family and spends most of his time in his favorite fruit box on top of the freezer!

Gucci aka Gooch

Gucci came to us from an awesome mate who left Australia to travel. He's a peace loving hippy and being a city cat just loves living in the bush now. Hes just like his mum, awesome in everyway!

Eco aka ekies

Ekies is Jerseys son and our newest addition. He was born a week before Februarys heat wave so he's a tuff lil bugger! He's a character whos loving finding out all about this amazing world!

Jersey aka piesy pie

Last year I lost Bella, the matriach of the family (in cat terms!) and Gi Gi the greatest cat in the history of the world, so my sisters and mum bought me a kitten to make me happy, on the condition that her name had to include all of our initials (Jandy, Emma,Rebecca and Sue)Shes the prettiest, loveliest cat any one could ask for.

Bayang aka yangies

Yangs is 5th generation, being Missys son. He doesnt quite realise he's no longer a Tom and thinks he's the king of the house, though he'd never resist a cuddle on your lap! He has a great personality, and loves to show off his kills... in the moddle of the kitchen floor!

Missy aka misama

Missy is 4th generation and a little sweetheart. You'll always find her a sleep on a heating duct! She got very sick when she was about 3 months old and we didnt think she'd make it, but she has and the only side effect is that she now licks like a dog, you pat her and expect to have your hand licked!

Gertrude of Nivelles aka Gerts

Gertrude of Nivelles is the patron saint of cats
Gerties is 3rd generation being the daughter of Beautiful Bella who was our first cat Star's daughter (both have left us for the rainbow bridge now). We kept her because she has a broken tail, and I didnt want her to get left in a pet shop because of it. Shes a funny girl who just wants to please, she loves giving little kisses but is unbelievably shy. Theres probably only 8 people including Steve and I who have ever seen her!

Thats part of my farm, there's also birds, turtles and dogs, but we'll leave that for another time!

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