Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feeling a little spesh today!

Whats better than checking the mail and not seeing bills? Seeing a care package instead!!!!
I was lucky enough to have that happen last night! I got home and Steve had picked up a package from the post office for me!
I couldn't remember buying anything from Ebay lately? It was probably some boring information from a company of some sort, sometimes I get information packages sent out from Beyond Blue, was probably just one of them!
Nope, it was a package from Awesome Ali! A care package with a gorgeous pink note book with a cat and a cup cake on the front (so me!) so that I can write blog ideas when I'm away from the computer, a little pad of post-its that say "love" on the edges for some operationbeautiful loving, a sweet little teddy bear key ring saying "forever friends", a box of Cadburys Favorites, because who doesn't love chocolate?!! and best of all, the most beautiful heart felt card telling my some of the loveliest words I've ever been told.
And yes, the package was sent before yesterdays post! which makes it so much more sweeter!
Each little part of the package was chosen with me in mind and it shows! If someone said to me "if you were a note book, what would you look like?" (because, as you'd know, that happens A LOT!) I would proudly say "I'd be pink, with a cat eating a cup cake on the front!!!!"
Thanks Ali, I can't even begin to tell you how amazing you are xx


  1. pleasure my love! You deserve it, you've been an amazing friend, support, shoulder, listener, for me, and it's just nice knowing I have you in my life, and just wanted to surprise YOU, as you are always doing so much for everyone else! Love ya forever xoxoxox

  2. Care packages are the best. For Christmas last year my sister gave me a year of surprise packages.

  3. That is soooo sweet!!! I love receiving such from my boyfriend, too (or from anybody :)


Thank You XX