Friday, September 25, 2009

A new day rising

Its a new day. Things are looking better than yesterday!
Its been an eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemotional week!
Wasn't talking to Mumma Bear for most of it.
but we're friends again now :)
(sometimes you take for granted the ones who do the most for you)
Had a tiff with my sisters - they don't understand me!
but they do love me, and that's all that matters!
Facebook caused some issues in the friends department
(not so much for me, more for Awesome Ali - that's your new name BTW, pretty cool huh!!)
I questioned whether or not to stop blogging
(please forgive me Alis Volat Propris! - I love your guts out!)
I did cross a thing or two off my 32 things
(the sense of achievement is awesome)
I did get some beautiful (and amusing) feedback from friends, people I know and even people I don't!
I hopefully brightened someones day with my operationbeautiful post-its
(oooh, I'm going to be famous and appear on in the coming weeks!!)
I asked the Amazingly Talented Katie (that's your new name baby cakes! wear it with pride!) to invent me a purdy blog header,
can. not.wait. until I see the finished product! (I've never known someone so talented!)
I met my new cockadoos (or chickens for those not familiar with Brock and Tamsyn lingo)
I learnt that I have some amazing friends, family and neighbours (who are also friends!!)
(You know who you are, and hopefully how loved you are)
Genevieve lent me her sexy old sewing machine so watch out spotlight, here I come!
I realised that I am not only obsessed with my blog,
I learnt that I fly with my own wings and don't need anybody else to hold me up.
Geds (or Steve for those not in the know!) and I bought a telescope
So, providing the weather holds out, we are planning on some star gazing tonight,
a lazy day at home tomorrow possibly including the cooking of cookies and cup cakes,
and the Gembrook Market on Sunday - depending of weather!
Remind me how awesome my life is next time I have a sook!
Oh and one last thing, I learnt that "awesome" is to most overused word in my vocabulary, but I cant think of a better word to describe the things I love! its just such an AWESOME word!!!


  1. You left a beautiful comment on my blog yesterday and I have just spent time here reading your lovely blog.
    Please don't stop your blog - you are so good at it and secondly - you are so not a dork.

  2. Aww, I think your pretty damn awesome yourself love, and you could never overuse the word!!
    AND never stop blogging, I'm your No.1 fan!!


Thank You XX