Thursday, September 24, 2009

Operation Beautiful Begins!

I've written before about today I posted a few of my own! And its put the biggest smile on my face! I hope my Karma Army stuff comes soon, doing nice things is my new drug!

I had to post some mail this morning, so I thought I'd brighten someones day... you're usually not going to the post box for something fun, so I thought it would be a great place to stick my first sticker. It reads "feel proud to be you, you're awesome!"

The next one was on the mirror in the public toilets in Croydon, a wide array of people could find that one! it just says "SMILE! you're awesome!"
yes, "awesome" is the word of today, how many sentences can you make?!!!! lol


  1. Oh Jandy, your beautiful!!!

    How good is someone going to feel coming across these!!

  2. aww, thank you! i hope i make someones day!

  3. wow.. Jandy.. good way to start!

  4. You should smile - cause YOUR awesome!

  5. story of my life.hearing people say :- "smile -because your are pretty"...only i cannot feel it...i dont beleave the human lies .....therefore i dont belive ifor when they are true... LImbo?


Thank You XX