Monday, September 14, 2009

Poor me!

Sorry for my lack of blogging! Ive been sick with the flu for the last 4 days.
I spent the first day in bed.
The second on the couch watching TV and playing playstation
(why yes, I did abandon any pretense of being cool a long time ago!)
I managed to get some motivation to clean the house on the third day
(yeah, I'm pretty crazy!)
Theres nothing worse than being sick in a messy house
(war, cruelty to animals, genocide, just don't compare!)
Yesterday I baked choc chip cookies and chocolate muffins
I also painted my kitchen door with chalk board paint.
(just call me the domestic goddess!)
I'll have pics of that later, needs 48 hours before I can draw on it!
Now I'm back at work, damn it!
4.5 days till the weekend, and counting!


  1. On the first day, I allowed the kids to play outside your bedroom window really loud! Sorry!

    Hope your feeling much better!

  2. Did I forget to mention "on the forth day, i coughed and sneezed all over my neighbors kids!!"???? oops sorry! enjoy!!


Thank You XX