Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A whole lotta love being sent out to my BFF

My Katies having a down day.

I wish I was in the same state as her

I'd turn her frown up side down

We'd eat junk food till the cows come home!

We'd shop till we drop (with our no limit AMEX's!)

We'd laugh at the unfortunate people who haven't got it going on like us!

We'd dance to the Scissor Sisters till the drag queens kicked us off the floor!

We'd watch The Hills till we started speaking in American accents!

We'd drink cocktails till Katie had to hold my hair back!

We'd take funny photos till our memory cards exploded!

We'd speak shit until the sun comes up.

Thanks for being the crinkles to my S n' V's!!

Love You Nooshie


  1. Bubba... You are my bestest friend ever. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and a few tears in my eyes. That waas so awesome to read - I loved it. No particular part especially - just all of it. Your amazing, thank you for being you xxxxx

  2. Whatever you do, don't watch The Hills. It is painful! And, sometimes painfully addictive!
    - Cougar Tales

  3. Awwe, I miss my best friend. I hope your post makes yours happy :)

  4. girls need to hug! Hug until Nessie comes home to roost!


Thank You XX