Thursday, October 29, 2009

32 things. Number 5 - Join the Karma Army

I think it's been well over 2 months since I sent my passport sized photo to Danny Wallace at the Karma Army. Still nothing :( so I thought I'd check out the forum on the Karma Army site, there I found some FAQ's, the first one I found...

Q. I've sent my passport sized photo in months ago and I still haven't heard a thing, why is that?

A. A: Due to sheer weight of numbers, Danny had to stop replying individually to each new Joinee a long time ago (I joined over two years back and never received a direct response to sending my photo in). The accepted principle now is that you're a Joinee as soon as your photo is in the post.

Yay! so I'm a joinee! Another thing of my list! Friday is the day, I mean I can spread good karma any day, but in the Karma Army, every Friday is Good Friday, here's the deal...

Do something Good this Friday. Tell me what it was. Tell me whether it made you feel better. Tell me if anything good happened to you in the two days that followed. If karma exists, you are the living proof.

Has anyone got any good ideas? Things like paying for the lady behind you in lines coffee, or parking, or even simpler, letting someone know they've left their headlights on, how about leaving 50 cents in a pay phone for the next person to use, or talking to the old man at the bus stop, or helping an old lady up some stairs.

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