Monday, October 12, 2009

Deep breaths and tornados

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Things in my life, mentally are going great guns.

It's been a long time since I could say that, if ever!

Everything that I can control is, well, controlled!

But, everything I can't control...

Well its in like a whirl pool, spinning so out of control you cant even see it!

I guess that's life hey!

What's happening, has happened plenty of times before,

and I think I'm dealing with this time better than any previous,

It's still freaking hard though!

Maybe I should be taking a lesson from this?

But what?

Maybe I shouldn't take things so seriously,

realise that not every thing is within my control,

realise that nothing in life is permanent,

realise that everything happens for a reason,

one door closes, another opens, or so they say.

"Smile, breathe and go slowly." - Thich Nhat Hanh


  1. :( Oh Jand's, I'm pretty sure I know what's getting you down, don't let it. Your a different person this time! It's just a hurdle to jump. It's just a matter of finding out how to jump the hurdle, and what's the right way to jump it.

    xxx Ali

  2. You'll be ok babe, things always work out - and you are the strongest person I know, you WILL get through it yet again......your amazing!! Plus I will be just around the corner before you know it, and you can come have cuppas with me and I can FINALLY be there for YOU! Love you xoxo

  3. yup Ali (alissa!! - damn you two being Alis!) i'm tipping your on it!

    unfortch being a new person or having strength doesnt pay the mortgage (or buy me pretty things!)

    i'll get through it, your RIGHT (AS ALWAYS!!) just might need one of you to buy me a bottle of vodka once or twice a week!!

    thanks girls xx

  4. I'll happily buy you vodka, but only if you share!! Let's face it, we could get pissed at your place or mine and it's only like a 10min walk home (I am allowing for spewing time and tripping on rock's between our houses time) What hoot! Sharing is caring!

  5. I do relate to you irky feeling is easier said than let go and not take things so seriously...sometimes it simply doesn't work that way... The best way to do it is to get angry about it...vent your frustrations coz bottling up anguish will suffocate you more...but then u must walk past such whirlpools and move on:) don't know if it is the right thing to do or say.... may be em wrong...but it works:)

  6. I know it is easier said than done... some times it is ok to get mad and b crazy in life...lest you lose your sanity...never bottle up your anguish...but one must walk past the storm and move on that is the trick of the trade:)

  7. thank you guys! I think having my blog where I can actually put my feelings out there helps a lot! cheapest form of therapy around! xx


Thank You XX