Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did it?!!!

I just found this awesome website with thanks to the Lovely Megan from Lovely Happenings (visit her here Each day it has a random fact and an accompanying funky (sometimes strange!) picture! Check it out here.....

* I need some nerd IT help! how do I make it so you can just say "click here" and have the website embedded rather than having the whole website addy come up??

(Karls, 3 posts in one day, I'm getting better!!)


  1. I use a free program that you can download for blogger called windows live writer it does all sorts of fun things!

  2. ooooh ive just downloaded it! looks like fun! thank you heaps for the tip xx

  3. You can also click on the link option while your writing the blog and then you can type the address in there and use whatever word you want... like the 'here'. When the edit Link window comes up it gives you a 'display text' and the 'web address'... You can enter whatever you want into 'display text'... but if you highlight a section of your sentence or a word, then click 'link' it will automatically use the text you'd highlighted. Make sense?

    Oh and good work! 3 in one day, while I can't even manage one! I've gots to find me an audio editor so I can have some spare time!

  4. thanks ladies! i think it makes sense! i'll give it ago and see if it works... lacie i downloaded live writer but now i cant find it! i was excited too coz it looked like you could have heaps of fun with that app!


Thank You XX