Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An experiment in being nice

Ok, I'm happy to admit it, I HATE my customers. Well 95 % of them anyway!

95% of them are rude, arrogant pigs who talk down to me because I'm a female in a male dominated field, 95% of them are here to either rip us off, the government off or someone else off, or all of the above, 95% of them are off their faces on drugs or alcohol, 95% of them are here to get drug money, and best of all 99.99999% of them STINK the second the sun comes out! Appealing hey!

When I first started here I couldn't believe the way the staff spoke to the customers, now I'm the worst of a bad bunch! Because they are all so horrible, I don't give them a chance to not be!

My work and home lives are complete parallels! I'm a nice, caring, thoughtful person at home, at work I'm a MEGA BITCH! with serious 'tude! (most of my friends would have a heart attack if they saw me at work!).

Yesterday Tom, who I work with (or Thomasina as I like to call him!) said to me "You don't like many people do you?!" Hmm, I don't want to be know as the bitch! So today, I'm going to be nice and polite to every single customer I serve! We'll see how far it gets me, and if it changes the way they treat me at all! shall keep you posted with the results tomorrow! wish me luck, it's going to be a very long day!

2.00 UPDATE:
Doing ok, so far so good, I've only had to yell at two morons!

5.00 UPDATE:
Bar one or two rude pigs, (one which told me "Listnen lady, you don"t know!) maybe being nice does work! I guess the old saying of treat others how you'd like to be treated might have some truth to it! Damn it, I have so much fun being a bitch! Thanks for ruining all my fun!

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  1. Ahhh.....what can I say - good ole poo and fart! hehehe ;)
    At least you can say there is never a dull moment! You'd never be bored surely??!!


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