Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The good ole days

My group of friends are pretty much the same group of friends I had in high school. I remember on our last night of school, muck up day, Katrina (Nicole's sister who was a few years older than us) told us that tonight would very possibly be the last night we all spent together, people tend to drift apart when they don't see each other every day. 14 years on and we're all still in contact and catch up on a regular basis. Who knows if that would be different if we didn't live in a world with mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter, emails and blogs! Thank god for technology!

This morning I had an sms from Nicole, her 91 year old grandfather had passed away, and it got us reminiscing about the good ole days. The days with out 9-5 jobs, mortgages and private medical insurance! The days where the biggest hassle we had was where to buy our ouzo essence now that safeway had stopped selling it (and quite possibly cottoned onto the fact that for the last 3 years we'd been using it to make homemade alcohol!)

Nicole and Trins grand dad had a holiday house in Glenburn (on the same road my friends Daveo and Lou Lou lived - where Black Saturday came through - thankfully the house of memories stood tall through it all). We'd all load into cars and drive up to Glenburn for the weekend. Back in those days, Glenburn seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, in reality it wasn't but half the fun was believing we were far, far away!

You could put money on it that the following things would happen at some stage over the weekend;
  • We would all get dressed up - in clothes found in Salvo bins (another blog for another time!)
  • We would all be very very drunk on homemade alcohol
  • A couple would fight, whether it was Nicole and Andrew, Ali and Chris or Claire and Jamie, it didn't matter, but it would always happen! - The best of course was Andrew rolling his car and stumbling back to the house a few hours later!
  • Some really old, bad CD's would be played, including the "put your pussy on my face" disgusting song that made me sick - a sweet Innocent child I was!
  • Louisa would end up throwing up, or sobering up with a cup of tea and her tea bags, bought from home!
  • I would end the night with my head in a bucket (my own personal version made by sir, complete with carrots and peas glued to the sides!)
  • Undoubtedly, we'd make a strange concoction out of whatever was in the pantry and someone would be forced to drink it - usually poor Trin for some reason!
  • Someone would be so drunk they end up in tears about all the drama in their life (you know like how that boy doesn't love me, or mums going to make me pay board, or my next austudy payment wasn't till Wednesday and i needed that new skirt before then - you know, the BIG issues!)
  • Several incriminating photos would be taken (ah, does anyone remember my famous photo of Trin in boxers with bananas hanging out the fly, she may have even been sporting sirs jocks on her head???)
  • Sunday mornings would SUCK, cleaning the pig sty we'd made, with hangovers!
  • There would be some new awesome memories to be treasured.

I'm very thankful for all these wonderful memories, and even more so that I'm still friends with the awesome people I shared these times with (girls, if you have any more memories I've forgotten, let me know and I'll do an update!)

Most of all though, I'm thankful to Nicole's Grand dad who provided us with these great memories, you were a great man, a real fighter and an inspiration, all my love and thoughts to all the Hobbs' and their families on this very hard day.


  1. You've done it yet again, another fantastic blog, full of fantastic memories!!
    I'm sure Nic and Trin would be very honoured and proud.
    My thoughts are with you girls and the family, he was such a wonderful man, and we all have special memories in our hearts in which I'm sure we will all cherish forever :)


Thank You XX