Thursday, October 22, 2009

The shiz you see in Croydon Main Street!

I have to go into Croydon almost every day, and almost every day I'll come back with a weird and wonderful story. Like the time I walked out of a shop to be greeted by a guy with a 6 foot long snake, or the time my friend had her nose broken for daring to look in the direction of the druggies, the time I couldn't get out of the bank because the rubbish bin at the front had been set alight.

The druggies are a means of endless entertainment, from their fights, or their philosopisationing (Thanks for that work Ryan Shelton! probably not spelt right!) on the big issues like God, or who stole their last ciggie, to my favorite - the peeps having full on conversations with them selves (or some times arguments!)

Today was no different. although unfortunately no photos were possible. (we would have loved to but it probably wasn't exactly PC!
I'll try to explain without sounding like an evil bitch.
(because I'm not, I honestly thought it was cool!)
________ people. Macerena. People dressed as computers.
Nuff said!
Then we found this lil gem....

someone had gone to the trouble of placing the letters on their Volvo badge backwards, making it an OVLOV!

I ♥ Main Street!


  1. Classic! I worked in good ol' Main St in one of the camera stores... 2 experiences come to mind...
    1. Being spat on in the face by some freak after he was trying to break into the video camera cabinet. I went up to ask if I could him and 'whack' big grot in my eye!
    2. Opening the back door, a junkie with a needle sticking out of his arm fell in... was leaning against it. Shitting myself, waiting a few minutes to discover he'd disappeared... and so had his needle - somewhere into the pile of rubbish down the back of the shop that was waiting for my tightarse boss to pay the skip removalists. Shiiiit!

  2. now that is EXACTLY what i'm talking about! i hope I get a grot in the eye or a junky falling through the door story one day!! I might make this a regular post I think... you could probably devote a whole blog to Main St actually!


Thank You XX