Monday, October 19, 2009


Warning! I'm getting my geek on today!...

When I was growing up, every spring my Mum would take Emma and I to Maroondah Damn to see the spill way and feed the rosellas.

In the "good ole days" as the snow from the nearby mountains melted and the damn was over capacity it would flow through the spill way, following creeks and rivers to other nearby reservoirs. It made a spectacular water fall, and some great great family memories. However Victoria has been in drought for a long long time, I doubted I'd ever see the damn full again, let alone over capacity!

So anyway, I get my inner geek from my Mum obviously! 2 of our favorite websites are Country Fire Authority and Bureau of Meteorology!! The newest addition to our geek love is Yarra Valley Water, where every day they update our water storage percentage (I've just lost half my readers, not wanting to miss out on today's figure right?!!!). Thrilling I know! We've been watching closely this week as we've had a fair amount of rain. Saturday morning Maroondah Damn hit over capacity!! SPILL WAY BABY!!! (I did warn you I'd be a geek today!!)

So Steve and I drove up to the Damn......
Just like the good ole days!

The sundial but there was no sun :(

The number 8 was left off as the Damn wall obstructs the sun.

(Not only am I a geek, I'm one of those people that reads every sign!)

Geds looking a little more professional than me with my little Cannon digital camera!

The Damn. If you google Black Saturday which was at the peak of the drought, you'll see there was no water at all under that little building. that was 8 months ago.

The spill way in all its glory!

Geds at the damn wall

Me and Geds under Ged's favorite tree. I might be a geek, but when it comes to horticulture, no one is geekier than Steve!

Geds and his amazing tree! It's a Californian red wood, and one of the very first trees to be planted there. Its actually higher that the wall!
** I got a message from mum after I posted this entry... "Excuse me but you forgot the Department of Sustainability and Environment website as one of our favorite sites too, if we are going to be geeks, do it accurately!" 'nuff said!


  1. I can't believe how green everything is! It's unbelievable! Water flowing... what a novelty! Looks like you've finally had some decent rain! Awesome! Haven't been to Maroondah Res for sooooo long... The old sun dial - how i miss thee! Do they do high tea in Healsy? Having said that, I haven't had tea in the Dande's for the longest time. I'm excited!

  2. Looks gorgeous babe! And your not a geek - your awesome!
    Cant wait to do the high tea thing! I'm a bit excited about that too :) hurry up and get your ass down here Karls xx

  3. A lovely set of photos. Your story brings back memories of going up to Lake Eildon every spring - there were always people fishing, in boats and the Lake was always full.
    Melbourne Daily Photo


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