Thursday, November 12, 2009

A bit of a random update!

Well, we had a bit of set back depression wise on Monday arvo after the wedding. Basically I don't think Steve is quite ready for those sort of social situations yet. It's a shame, and I won't pretend it didn't scare the shit out of me on Monday night to see all the good we've done over the last few months be torn from me and ripped into one million, trillion, thousand pieces, and then trodden into the mud like a used tissue, but I've realised, he's a work in progress you can't fix things over night, but no doubt about it, he is getting better, and now I can be thankful that the bad days are few and far between, where as before, they were my life! My wise, wise friend Karly says something that helps me get through these days ..."To recognise the light, you must experience the darkness". I also had AHHMMMAAAAAZZZZIIIINNNNNG support from my friends and family. Some of the messages I received on facebook literally (virtually maybe!) blew me away. I have an awesome support base, for that I am eternally grateful, like beyond words, grateful!

Moving on! I thought I'd post a few random pictures! I L♥VE where I live at this time of year, in the early evening a golden light makes everything glow, I especially love when the mountains are bathed in the sun. I often wonder if I'm the only one appreciating this simple beauty while people go about their day to day lives, I hope not!
This is the view from my verandah over looking Mount Dandenong, sitting on my verandah in a hammock looking at this view is one of my favorite places in the world. (especially when theres a thunder storm to watch rolling in).

When I got home the other night, I was greeted by this view, This is my road, passing by our house on the right. It's dirt, its bumpy, it's dusty, it's poorly maintained, it's only one lane, but does it not look like the cutest little country lane you've ever seen!

I love how you can't see where it goes, the road of endless opportunity! The sun shinning on the mountain at the end is just the icing on the cake, I think! It's just begging me to get into a cute dress and jump on a bike, an ice cream in one hand, and just pedal to my hearts content!

Remember a couple of weekends back we visited Steves grandparents in Inverloch? Last night when I got home I had a package (It's like my third one in three months, loving it!!) Steves grandma had knitted me this adorable tea cosie, it is quite possible the sweetest thing I've ever received!

I'm off to Brittney tonight with Mazz and Buzz, I know, I know! she lip syncs! wow, news flash! We knew that when we bought the tickets! We aren't going to marvel at her vocal talents, we're going to see a show, and, well I can't bloody wait!

45 sleeps till America! wooo, which means 43 till Christmas! I am DYING to shop (hello forever 21! - you better be as good as you look on your web site!). All my money has been locked away in saving, so I'm tipping I'll have spent most of my money by the third day I'm there! and I may have to post a few things home! Wow, what problems to have to deal with!!

It's HOT in Melbourne at the moment, like uncharacteristically hot, hottest November in like 100 years or something! The bonus of that is that I get to wear my summer clothes! yay! (well for now, I'll be sick of that and craving boots and tights in a month or so I'm sure!) So a few years ago Ali and I were shopping and she made me buy this little gunmetal grey jumpsuit, it is cute as, but I've never had the guts to wear it, actually theres quite a few things in my wardrobe still with tags because I thought it would look cool, or it looked great on some one else, but I've just never had the guts to wear them. But tonight, Brittney, it's the night! The jump suit is coming out baby, if I have the guts, you may even get a photo tomorrow!

I told you it would be a random update!


  1. I was reading your blog for awhile and I just wanted to post about a super great book about depression in men that I thought maybe you'd like. I've been dealing with a lot from my own husband and struggle daily with it, but the memoir, "Rage Against the Meshugenah" by Danny Evans is so good. It's written from the depressed man's point of view and what it takes for him to feel "normal". It was a good read- you should check it out sometime!

  2. That's is an adorable tea cosy. You're very lucky to have the loving family that you do. Don't worry. Things always turn out right in the end.

  3. Awesome blog yet again, and like I keep saying, things will work themselves out...they have before, and they will again. Just stay the strong and positive gorgeous woman I know!
    Oh....and looking forward to these photos..!!
    Love ya hun xoxox


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