Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear 16 year old Jandy...

I found this at Red Boots and thought I'd run with it (thanks Red Boots xx)

Hey You!

Dude, STOP CARING ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU! Those girls that you think you're not as cool, pretty, smart, sexy, interesting or fun as, they got married, got fat and got boring! You wont even remember their names, so don't let them ruin your day! You're going to waste the next 10 or so years feeling like you're not good enough unless you do something about it NOW! Hey, and guess what, you're going to look back at photos from these days and realise you're actually kinda cute! Live it up! wear what you want, do what you want to your hair, be you and be proud!

Friends are going to come and go, but there will be several that will always be there, even though you have your ups and downs. You'll realise that you can count your true friends on one hand, with fingers to spare! Cherish those girls, you'll need them, and they will need you.

You've got a tendency to take the "poor me" road, take the detour instead, people will respect you more for it, and rather than talk abut whats up, do something about it!

You're heart is going to be broken in the next few years, but rather than stewing on the feeling of rejection for the next 5 years, view this time as a learning experience, because, believe me, theres a lot to learn from it!

Don't say no to Interior Design at Holmesglen in the hopes of getting into RMIT, unfortunately you don't get into RMIT! So run with Holmesglen, see what happens! Speaking of education, finish your drafting course! Even if you don't want to be a drafts person, it will give you more to fall back on!

Right now, this very second, start putting 10% of what ever money you come into away, This will put you into healthy spending and saving habits, believe me, you'll need to be on top of that by the time you're in your mid to late 20's!

You're going to realise that you're stronger , smarter, more fun, better looking, wiser and wittier than you give your self credit for. Be happy to be you, and don;t ever let anyone make you feel other wise.

Spend time with your family, you won't believe this, but you and Emma will be friends! You'll even openly admit that you love her! Mum will be you're greatest supporter, show her that your hers too. Remember that even when Bec rathers her friends company to yours, she still loves you - but also realise it's going to be a long time before your "cool" in her eyes! Stck with it, she'll come around!

Before you get married, really, seriously take some time to decide if it's right, because if you go ahead with it, you're in for some really, really tough times, you're going to need every ounce of your strength to get through it, but it will be worth it in the end, if your work hard for it.

Believe in your self, take compliments, smell the roses, love and share happiness, and remember everyday, that you are worthy of love, respect and happiness, and most importantly enjoy life, you only get one!

Lots of love, and happy wishes, 31 year old Jandy xx

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  1. This is really sweet - thanks for taking part!! xx


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