Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Britney Bitch!

Mazz, Buzz and I went to see Britney last night. Yeah yeah, we know, she lip syncs! We knew that when we bought the tickets! It was a great show, I've never been to a concert like that before - every concert I've been to has been a band on a stage! There was always something to see, like the lady with no legs doing tricks on the trampoline, or the girl doing amazing flips in the air and landing on a thin beam, the clowns, the dancers, Britney!
I don't know why she's had such a hard time, a lot of effort has obviously been put into the show, and she was involved, she just didn't sing, I think if the media hadn't put so much attention on that aspect, more people would have enjoyed the show. Personally, I probably wouldn't pay to go again, but I'm glad I can say I've seen Britney lip sync live!
Pretty crappy photos, we had shit seats for pre-sale....

Yeah, I don't get it either, but we had to do the classic, "we're Resches, and we're tuff" pose.

only posted it so you can see my cute as jumpsuit!

Its Britney Bitch!

In traffic on the way in

and again! Britney was on stage for about an hour an a half, we were easily

in the car for triple that!

Mazzelplops with no double chin!

Our (Scary!) driver Buzzy!


Perez Baby!
(I used to have a MAJOR obsession with Hollywood blogs, especially Perez, I'm proud to say that I've probably checked out Hollywood gossip maybe 4 times since I've found "real" blogs!)

This song she actually sung live!

See, she did put on a show, never seen Pearl Jam suspended above fire!

Getting her slut on!

And again! - It is one thing she is good at!

Buzz and I looking a bit cheesy!
The end!


  1. We're hearing a ton about the Britney vs. Australia controversy in the States. And I personally think you kind of go in knowing she can't sing live. She can't really sing at all, her cd's are all production. But who cares- it's Britney bitches you know that you know all the words. Even my 4 year old pretends to be all Britney and knows all the words. :)

  2. ohh I went to a Britney Spears concert back in the day when she was still doing ...Baby One More Time!! isn't she awesome?? loove it

  3. Wow, her props and stages look very ritzy. Glad you had fun :)


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