Thursday, November 19, 2009

A little blog holiday

Life has got on top of me this week, a whole week with out an update! I'm ashamed!

I promise to do something totally awesome within the next few days so that I can have something to write about! (what, I don't know! I have no plans!!)

I've had some new followers recently, so to you all, I am so sorry that theres nothing here to read, but I am honored beyond words that you take the time to enjoy my little corner of the Internet!

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with life at the moment. I feel like everyone wants something from me, and I just don't have that much to give! I really really really need some ME time. I'm the bread winner at the moment at home, as well as the cleaner, the vet, the accountant, the peace keeper, the gardener, the magician (finding money we just don't have!) the rubbish remover, yadda yadda yadda, you get the point! At work, my boss is away, so lots more responsibility and work! speaking of which, I kinda git a promotion of sorts, I'll now be the personal assistant! and in other matters, I wont go too far into it, but people are expecting things from me that I'm just not capable of providing, making me look like a selfish bitch who doesn't care! When really I do care, youre just asking too much of me! and on the other hand, today was sooooooo important for my bestie Katie, and I didn't even know! I really need to get my priorities sorted!

AAAAArrrrggggghhhhh!!! please, I would like to hop off this ride for a while!

I'll survive though, I always do! My Mummy is so supportive, I can't put into words how much I appreciate her, and I have an amazing support base of the most unbelievable friends and family, so I'm very lucky, sometimes a girl just needs to vent! Oh and shop, I really need to shop!

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  1. That already made a good post, dear! And at least you got it off your chest. Hmmmm... You're kinda busy and pressured. Just take things one at a time, and you'll get things done. I'm so proud of you that you were given responsibilities like those, meaning you are very much trusted and you are capable. But I feel you, the pressure and stuff both at work and at home.. I mean we all need to relax, so grab your comfort food or go shopping! You deserve a treat!



Thank You XX