Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Long weekend

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup day, and for the first time ever I also got to take the Monday off, Friday was my early day so I had 4 and a half days off, it was awesome!
♥ Had a lazy Friday afternoon, then spent a whole 2 hours Friday night snuggled under blankets watching the most amazing electrical storm from our verandah
♥ Bought the cutest ever dress for Steves cousins wedding next Monday - black and white polka dots with a tule under skirt
♥ Ate chocolate ice cream, Steve dropped his on the ground!
♥ Went on a road trip to the beach in Inverloch to visit Steves grandparents
♥ Went on another road trip to Homewood, in the country
♥ Woke up to the country air, ate vegimite on toast in the country sunshine and then danced like idiots in the car on our drive home
♥ Planted some new flowers near the back path and weeded near the front path
♥ Cleaned my house and filled the pantry and fridge with yummy food - all the grown up things that are so boring to do, but feel great once they are done
♥ Watched 5 episodes of Girls of the Playboy mansion, the movie Shutter and 8 episodes of The Hills!
♥ Spent time with the dogs, the cats and the chickens
Thanks to Steves cousins wedding, next week will be a short one too, yipee!

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