Thursday, November 26, 2009

My first ever blog award!!!!

I got my first blog award from the amazing, beautiful, inspirational snapping panda! Thank you so much gorgeous girl, your pictures and beautiful words always brighten my day!

OK, so now I have to choose 15 worthy bloggers! (I wish I could choose Snapping Panda, but probably best not to start a back and forth blog awards game!) As the rule goes, the recipient should pass the award to 15 others who deserve it. I am giving the award to the following:

So natch, Karly, Your blog is ALWAYS a great read and usually a good laugh too!

Sarah, I'm sure this is your like 723486484628 blog award, and i wont be offended if you don't carry this on! But I love your blog, what more can I say!

Frisky Librarian, Your blog was the very first I ever "followed" and your also responsible for giving me my favorite quote in the world.

Sarah, my fellow "perfect wife with a shitty husband!" lol

Brooke, You my dear have real fashion sense, I love checking out your blog and getting great ideas. Her blog was the first fashion blog I subscribed to, so she's possibly the cause of my new addiction!

Katie, I think your page is quite possibly my favorite on the Internet! You are so imaginative and delightful!

Lacie, From what I can tell on your blog, you have an absolute heart of gold, and you make amazing Christmas hampers!

Little suitcase, a fellow Melbournian and a beautiful, inspiring blog, you have such a way with words, and a gorgeous family!

Guilding the frilly, My newest fashion blog obsession, here we have a real girl, with awesome, inspiring fashion sense, who knows what looks good on her. very refreshing to the usual skinny blonde model looking person blogging about their newest Gucci skirt!

I only got 9! but hey, Ive been out of the blogesphere for a week or so (yes, I'm ashamed! and will return to normal programing tomorrow! fingers crossed!)

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  1. Thanks, love! :) I'm totally posting this on my blog this evening.


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