Tuesday, December 8, 2009

19 Sleeps

OMG! I only have 19 sleeps 'till I fly out to the good ole US of A!!!!!! Excited, stressed, excited, stressed... that's how I feel from one second to the next! before I go I have to put up my Christmas tree, go Christmas shopping, catch up with loved ones that I wont see for a whole month, spend time with my Geds, work right up to Christmas eve, enjoy Christmas day, and pack, OMG, pack! I'll be leaving summer to go to winter, and then I'll be off to LA and Vegas where the weather will be a lot more mild! I guess my only solution is to not pack much and then shop my heart out when I get there!
It's my first new years without the big stinky one (Maddison) When Madds was with us, we either couldn't leave home or we had to be pretty close by - Madds HATED thunder and fireworks, the vacuum, any loud noise at all, If we weren't home at 12 o'clock on New Years, we knew the next day would be cleaning, Madd's destroyed the laundry! but if we didn't lock her in there, she'd be gone! So it will be nice not to have the worry of Madds in the back of my mind - although I'm sure I'll think of her once or twice through out the night!
The other worry is Steve! When I first organised the trip, Steve and I were barely talking, in fact, I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do that be away from him for 3 weeks! Now, it's the last thing I want to do, I'll miss him so much! although I do think this will be good for us.


But, hello, Times Square New York baby! With my Mummy, Dougie and my little sister Maz! Look at that!

New York!



Yup, we're staying at The Bellagio!!
(Oceans 11!)

Vegas Baby!



Laguna Beach!

Chateau Marmont!

Los Angeles

Huntington Beach


  1. Hey Jands! I just realised that we probably won't get to do that high tea while I'm down! Oh no! I'll be in Melbs Chrissy Day, but then heading back to Mum and Dad's until the 27th.

  2. You'll have an awesome time my lovely!
    You deserve some you time, so make sure you enjoy your well earned break!
    Mwah xoxo

  3. Vegas is so much fun I try to go a couple times a year. The best food and the best shopping. If you like prime rib look up a restaraunt called Lawerys it's heaven!!

  4. I see Superior, Wisconsin isn't on there- you're missing out! :) HAHA--no, you really aren't. :) I am trying to organize a trip to Vegas with Matt for 2010 sometime, so I'll be excited to hear how your trip went.


Thank You XX