Wednesday, December 23, 2009


What a year! It began as one of the worst years of my life, and is ending as one of the best!

The only thing to save New Years was having Katie with me, We had a devastating heat wave in which I lost Madds, Steve was caught in Glenburn during the Black Saturday bush fires, a fox ate my 3 rabbits, we lost Beau and Koa within days of each other, Steve hurt his back and to date we have lived on one wage for the last 3 months, my car was flooded and I was without it for nearly 3 weeks, our house nearly burnt down TWICE! our relationship hit rock bottom, Steves Mum and Grandpa were both diagnosed with cancer, his Grandma with leukemia.

BUT, Steve began to learn to manage his depression, his mum underwent therapy and has been cleared of cancer, we got 10 new chooks and went a whole year without loosing a cat, oh, and only gained one! Steve and I put in a big effort to sort out our relationship and as a result have never been stronger. I learnt that I have an amazing support base of beautiful friends and family, I went to the gym Every day for months (a huge deal for a lazy slob like me!), I made new friends, and reconnected with old.

But most importantly, I think, Is that I started this blog, Alis Volat Propriis, or "she flies with her own wings" has been exactly what I've needed, longed for, my entire life. It's given me a place to ramble about the things I love, pour my heart out, bitch and vent, and document my days for me to read over in the years to come.

It has honestly helped me on the road to finding out who the real Jandy is. It's given me confidence to develop my own style, it's got my creative brain ticking again, it's connected me to amazing people and provided me with endless inspiration, it's given me goals with my 32 things, and made me accountable - it I write something on here, I have to go through with it!, it's shown me that I'm loved.

I would write this blog if I was the only one to read it, but I am humbled every day to hear that people drop by here, some people even have it in their favorites! Some people even follow me and read every post. I'm surprised regularly by people saying "hey, I read your blog...." and am honored by the comments left. It's one of the best things I have ever done. Thank you to anyone who reads this, you really don't know how much your support means to me.


  1. I have loved getting to know you through your blog and I plan to stay a loyal follower. I think you are such a talented writer and I think you are hip, trendy, and down to earth and all at the same time!!

  2. I heart you babe! :) I love your blog and your posts make my day just a bit happier. I know that if we lived closer we'd totally be besties. And likely get into fun trouble. A lot. :) Cheers!


Thank You XX