Monday, December 7, 2009

Today is my beautiful girl Alis Birthday, So I'm sending lots of love!

Ali is one of the most genuine people I know, she's kind, compassionate and fun. We've been through our ups and downs but the ups have far out shone the downs. Ali is the entertainer, she's the one that keeps our group of girls from school together, shes a shoulder to cry on, the funnest shopping partner ever, and the best cup cake maker in the whole wide world (a very important trait to have in a friend if you ask me!)
Ali had birthday drinks on Saturday night and I sat for a moment and looked around at all the people who love her, I'm honored to be among that group.
I hope you have the greatest birthday ever Ali, You deserve it!
Back in the day, Me, Ali and Carls @ Ali's Hawaiian party

We're so cute!

Yeah, hello, try telling me you don't wanna be Ali's friend too now!


  1. Did Ali give you the dry hump I requested her to?

  2. umm, no as a matter of fact she didnt! I'm seeing her this weekend, if I dont get one then, there will be hell to pay i tell ya!

  3. Aww thanks babe!! That's so sweet of you!
    And I do remember you taking that photo wondering what you were taking a pic of my cup cakes for....all makes sense now!!
    Hope you had a lovely night, it was great to see everyone! ANNNDDD I get to see you again this Saturday too - ANNNNDD you get more cupcakes!You'd be hating that bit by the sounds of it!! Hehe ;)
    Have a great day babe, love ya HEAPS xx

  4. Oh and BTW - we really need an updated pic! Maybe that can be our mission and a new blog for next week of the girls Christmas Catch up?!!
    Actually - I'd need pic approval first, as the bather/hawaiian pics are not amazing! Of me anyway!

  5. lol... between cup cake eating, i'm thinking some updated photos are totes on the cards!!

  6. Excellent!! Looking forward to it xx

  7. I want her to be my friend!! Anyone who make's cupcakes look that good, is a friend I need :)

    Happy Birthday Ali


Thank You XX