Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birdy Num Nums

My chooks are growing up! They still don't give us eggs yet, but it wont be long! Last night Steve and I sat with them and held each one, I want them all to be tame! They are so much fun, and very little work!
We've also been getting a lot of Cockatoos feeding in our garden. One in particular who we are calling Cheeky! - If theres no feed on the feeder, Cheeky lets us know by knocking everything off the BBQ (which is where the seed is kept in a tin!), the other day I caught him as he flew off with one of those bird seed bells!
A month or so ago we had the Cocky in the top pictures come visit, as you can see, he has a deformed beak :( The first time we saw him he did really well, he was eating almost as well as the other birds, and he seemed in good condition, then he came back about a week ago and he had lost his yellow crest, and he looked mangy, he had a lot more trouble eating this time. and we haven't seen him since. I called help for wildlife, but I guess they don't care for cockatoos unfortunately, and we haven't seen him again. Hopefully he's found an awesome bird feeder somewhere.


  1. Poor cocky! We called RSPCA when we noticed a bird flying around in house next door to us (a holiday home in Ocean Grove). We didn't know the owners contact details. So the cops came... could do nothing and 2 days later RSPCA came - it was long dead by then. Sad!

  2. I like the picture with the bird perched on a branch..A beautiful photo..


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