Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A walk down memory lane - It's a love Story!

Yesterday one of my friends changed her Facebook relationship status from "single" to "in a relationship". Thing is, she hadn't actually discussed with her "significant other" that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, going out, going steady, lovers in the air, whatever you want to say! So when her significant other logged on to Facebook, that would be the first he'd know of it! The modern day way of asking "will you go out with me?"

BTW, he said "yes" and they now they proudly have it on display for the world to see!

It got me thinking about how Steve and I approached that question, way back in the day!

Mine and Steve's relationship has never been what one might consider "normal". Let me paint a little bit of a picture!

We met at a night club. I was sort of seeing one of his friends, who thought it would be a good idea to kiss someone else in front of me. Steve spent the night making sure I was OK, that was the first time we met.

We developed a great friendship over several years, he was my closest male friend. It was purely friendship, he had a girlfriend, and during our friendship I had a boyfriend. After about 2 years Steve and his girlfriend broke up and we became closer, but still only friends.

His group of friends and my group of friends spent every moment possible following a band called Grunt, I was in love with the lead guitarist, Tim! One particular Friday Tim was playing with his other band, so my friends and I went to see him rather than our usual Friday night at the Star Bar with Steve and his friends watching Grunt. Saturday night though, we were back to usual, with Steve and his friends at The Metro, watching Grunt! This time though, Steve turned up with a girl.

Ali must have noticed my jealousy, I'd never told a soul that I had feeling for Steve, but she went up to him and said "What the hell are you doing with that skank? Don't you realise Jandy likes you?!" Steve told Ali that he liked me too, and that he would go alone to the Star bar on Sunday night so that we could talk.

Sunday night came and I was nearly wetting my pants! finally Steve walks in, hand in hand with the skank! WTF?! We didn't speak much, and afterwards our friendship was a little awkward!

It was about 3 weeks after this that we were once again at the Star Bar and I decided to take some action. (so not like me!) Steve was sitting at a table, I walked up, sat on his lap, kissed him, stood up and said "Don't call me, I'll call you" I walked out of the Star bar to a chorus of our friends clapping and cheering and shouting "Finally!" Steve told me years later that his friends asked what happened and all he could say was "I don't know, but that was the weirdest kiss ever!" I called him about 2 days later, and we've been attached at the hip ever since!

One night about a month later, I went out to see Grunt with the girls, Steve stayed back at my place. When I got home, he told me a story about how he'd gone for a late night Maccas run and had been pulled over by the police, in the story he told me how the police had asked where he'd been and he said to them "at my girlfriends house" he then looked at me sheepishly and asked if that was OK to say that, you are my girlfriend aren't you?! Awwww, how could I say no to that?!

And that's the story of how Jandy and Steve became Whams and Geds!

The engagement story isn't a bad one either come to think of it.... stay tuned!


  1. Yay! Finally you blog it bitch!

  2. Fun! :) Oh man- I should post mine & Matt's story up. Not as fun, but cute. :)


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