Wednesday, January 27, 2010

32 things. Number 22 - fill up my memory card with fun photos

Geds and I eat ice cream at the Mt Evelyn street party

Snow in the Dandenongs

Terry, Micky and I at work Christmas Party

Daintree Rain forest

Katie and I dance with some Queens in Radalaide

Ma gets a tattoo!

Me, Mazz and Buzzy have a sisters night out

Mothers Day at Portsea

Ali and I (maybe at her birthday?!)

Jo, Jill, Me, Karly and Laurie at Ali's Birthday

Geds and I on the Great Ocean Road

Mazz and I in Times Square, New York on new years eve 2009/10!
Whilst on Santa Monica Pier I used up my memory card! probably 3 quarters of it are of America! Heaps of fun to look through them all, see all my different hair colours! And it's always a bonus to cross off a 32 things thing!
I crossed 3 things off my list whilst in the US! Go me!!


  1. Great pictures! I particularly love a couple of the goofy ones up above - very fun!!!


Thank You XX