Monday, January 25, 2010

32 things, Number 3. Buy some ruby red shoes, and have the guts to wear them

The photo doesn't do them any justice!

I bought them from Melrose Ave! Which, in my opinion, makes them even hotter!

So, I haven't quite got around to "having the guts to wear them" but they aren't in the slightest bit scary! they are an awesome height and beautiful colour. I'm thinking a black top and black skirt or pants would be hot with them! So the fact that I've tried them on, and given the right opportunity I know I'll I wear them, is close enough to wearing them, so I can cross it off my list!


  1. Wear them with jeans!!! That would be so hot, Jandy! Dang girly- I'd wear them everyday!

  2. 1. Too cute! Good job!
    B. I am looking for a pair of Dorothy slippers. I would wear them everywhere.
    3. Your blog is cute. Let's be friends.


Thank You XX