Thursday, January 21, 2010

USA trip. Day eight 03 January 2010. Boston

The view from our room... it even LOOKS cold!
Mazz on the frozen phone

Yup, it's friggen freezing!

But we still managed to have fun... and look hot. lol!

I think it was maybe the prettiest place I've ever been

We don't even get snow like this on our ski resorts in the middle of winter!!

It's snowing and freezing, so what's a girl to do? SHOP! that's how we spent our day today, and I must say, we did a pretty good job! I bought hot hot hot boots but they are suede so I can't wear them here in the snow, and they are knee high, which there isn't much need for in the middle of the Australian summer, but they were soooo hot, and sooo cheap! They are going to get a work out in Vegas and LA!! We also went crazy at the Victoria's Secret sale, and on make up of course, Hollister, umm just everywhere and anywhere!
I don't know if I've mentioned it or not but I collect Hard Rock Cafe guitar pins, I have done for probably 15 or so years, (It's not as pathetic as it sounds!!) so we went to the Boston Hard Rock, (I got a DC one and a NYC one too!) got my pin and had some lunch before some more shopping! Why can't this be my life everyday?!!!!
We had dinner at the hotel, sitting next to a lady with her dog on her lap! And then went to the room and watched Micheal Jackson's This is It. Another awesome day in America, I just hope I can still close my suitcase!

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  1. DAMN! I should have gotten you a pin from Hard Rock Minneapolis. Where I got food poisoning! :) Next time! :)


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