Thursday, January 21, 2010

USA trip. Day nine 04 January 2010. Boston to Las Vegas

Pokies (Slots for my US friends!) at the airport - only in Vegas!

Oceans 11 baby!

The Bellagio, where we stayed

Looking out at The Strip

The water falls out the front of The Bellagio, the first show we saw was to the music of "Viva Las Vegas" It was very exciting!
Today after lunch at the Hard Rock and manis for Ma and Mazz and another look at the shops, we flew 6 hours the Las Vegas!
It was dark when we arrived and you can see a lot of the big casinos from the airport, it was awesome! Theres even pokie (slot) machines in the airport!!! We are staying at The Bellagio (Oceans eleven!!) and it is humongous, busy and beautiful. Our room has automatic drapes! and we even got chocolates, the bathroom is bigger than our whole New York room!
The Strip is everything I imagined, bright, busy, totally over the top! Mazz and I did some shopping (hmm, notice a theme emerging??!!) and had a look around the Bellagio. Met up with Ma's friend, her Matron of Honour, Jaina who lives in California, and ended up eating dinner at around midnight!
I missed Steve heaps tonight, not sure why, Vegas has lots of lovers, it's def a place you can share with your partner, and I was exhausted, so tonight I cried :( but I rang Geds and felt heaps better afterwards.

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  1. I can't wait to go to Vegas. From where I live (on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin- tip of Lake Superior) we can get flights one way for $69. So it's cheap to get there and back. I just have to figure out who would watch our kids for a 3 or 4 day weekend so Matt and I could go...


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