Friday, January 22, 2010

USA trip. Day eleven 06 January 2010. Las Vegas to Huntington Beach California

The view from our room

and again!

photographic evidence of the one and only time Emma has obeyed the rules!

The view from The Stratosphere

and again!

Graceland wedding chapel, where my Ma and Dougie got married nearly 2 years ago

Inside the Graceland chapel

Rio's buffet lunch, yum yum!

yummiest piece of chocolate cake EVER!

sun setting on our Vegas trip :(

one last go of the slots before we leave!

looking like I won.... but I didn't!

Mazz and I on the airport train
Today Mazz, Jaina and I had a look at The Hard Rock hotel - The pool was supposed to be amazing but it was closed :( It looked like in summer it would be awesome though, guess we'll have to come back in summer!! Then we went to The Stratosphere - the casino with rides on top, like the big shot - 1081 feet off the ground! and xscream, a claw type ride that goes out over the strip at 866 foot above! and Insanity the ride, a roller coaster that goes off the side of the building 64 feet above the strip! Luckily I'm not in the slightest bit scared of height so I thought it was FUN, Mazz on the other hand...!
Our next stop was The Graceland Chapel where my mum and Dougie got married nearly 2 years ago, luckily there were no weddings on, so we got to go in and have a look! The it was off to Rio for the biggest buffet lunch ever, I had to take it easy on the lunch part so that I could fit in desert, because it was to.die.for! I tried Red Velvet cake too, now I understand why all you Americans are in love with it!
Poor Ma was sick today and had a sleep while we had lunch :( We then drove through The Strip to the airport under an amazing sunset bound for LAX.
When we arrived at LAX we picked up a hire car (The sexy bus - you'll get to see pictures of him later!) and drove to Huntington Beach - surf city USA. We're staying at the Best Western, a weird little room but awesome location and beautiful views. Dougie, Mazz and I ventured out for a late dinner and had In 'n' Out... umm, OMG, YUM!!

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  1. FUN!! :) Did you go to any of the CA beaches?? I always wanted to see the Pacific Ocean! Wait...that might not be such a big deal to you, huh? LOL!

    I have an award from you over on my bloggie-o. :)


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