Wednesday, January 20, 2010

USA trip. Day five December 31th 2009. New York City, New York

Its snowing!

The view of the snow from our room

Ma being asked if shes doing "poo poo or pee pee?"!

What more can I say!


Mazz's turn for the "poo poo pee pee" question

about 10 hours to go and there was barely room to move

Mazz getting her 2010 on!

New Years resolutions

NYPD getting ready!

Party hats! (that got majorly annoying, and were therefor left behind!)

Yay! we got into a pen!

7 hours and 51 minutes of waiting to go!

6 hours to go and the ball is lit... now the fun starts!

Thank god for the pizza dude! We were kind Aussies and shared with the starving masses!
(we wanted to sit on the box!)

5 down, 4 to go!

in amongst it!

fireworks and a countdown!

Confetti, and fire works as the ball drops

and again!

We made it Mazz

New Years in New York

Happy 2010!

Times Square just after 12 midnight January 1st 2010

New Years Eve!!!!! Last day of 2009 and I get to have it in New York! How lucky am I!!! AND..... It snowed this morning! So beautiful, I feel so lucky to be in New York and see it snow while I'm here.
Ma called first thing in the morning to tell us to look out the window. Mazz and I got dressed and ran down stairs and played on the street in the snow, it was beyond words awesome!
We started the day by looking around Times Square again... there was a sign for a Forever 21 store that I wanted to see, but it was still under construction damn it! We had planet Hollywood for lunch and then Mazz and Ma needed to use the bathroom so we found the weirdest place on earth! Charmin! a public restrooms place where people ask you if your doing "pee pee or poo poo?"! and then sing about "enjoying the go" It's apparently (according to a sign) the number one place to do number twos!! theres a ball pit filled with toilet paper and a huge toilet to have photos taken on, even a room where you can sit on the toilet and be on live web cam talking about your experience! Only in New York!
We'd heard that you need to be in Times Square by around 4ish if you wanted to get a spot. Ma and Dougie decided they couldn't stand up for 8 hours so they went back to the hotel while Mazz and I waited for an hour to be let in to our pen. It was 7 hours and 58 minutes until midnight when we got in. There was a heap of security because of a security scare the previous day. Once we were in the pen there was no leaving it, so no drinks because theres no toilet. We were in the very first pen, the best spot we could possibly get so there was no chance of us leaving! With about 5 hours to go a guy came past selling pizza. It was probably the most expensive pizza in NY, but worth every single cent! It snowed, it rained, it was freezing and we could not wait till we could eat drink and sleep but still it was the most awesome night of my life.
With 6 hours to go the ball was lit and there was a countdown and fireworks every hour. We saw Nick Lache and his girl friend Vanessa whatever her name is, J Lo played, and apparently copped a lot of flack, but we thought she was awesome, there were people from MTV's The Jersey Shore and Daughtry (?). When the ball dropped at 12 confetti did too, and there were fire works. I can't even begin to explain the atmosphere, but it was electric, it was just the greatest feeling of my whole life when it turned 12.00.
We had an interesting and long walk back to the hotel through some dodgy parts of town, so when we finally did get back we collapsed in a heap!
It's a bit like having a tattoo... you swear you'd never do it again, but an hour or so later and your dreaming of the next time! And, as hard as this to admit, I'm so grateful that I got to share it with Mazz.


  1. SWEET!!! One day I will be in New York for New Years Eve, just once. :) I was in New York when I was 5 but I never saw the city much. I did get to ride the subway though, which was scary even back in 1987. Do the math! :) HAHA!!

  2. Man! There is NO WAY I could last 8 hours without having a pee or poo! Add cold weather to that time equation and I'd be in all kinds of strife! I'd have to have a colostomy bag attached to me prior to entry! Looks fucking awesome Jands! Once in a lifetime experience!


Thank You XX