Wednesday, January 20, 2010

USA trip. Day four December 29th 2009. Washington, DC to New York City, New York AND 32 things, number 31 - Take a ride in a yellow cab in NYC

Mazz and I in the yellow cab!

Today we caught the Amtrak train from Union Station in Washington, DC through Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey to New York! We're staying at The Affina Manhattan which is straight across the road from Madison Square Garden!! It's cold, but not as cold as DC! We checked in and then went straight out to get New York pizza and see Times Square! It was everything I dreamt it would be! I am beyond excited to be here! I didn't think I'd feel this way, but it's amazing!

At night, Ma and Dougie went to The Tavern on The Green for it's second last night ever, while Mazz and I got a yellow cab (hello 32 things!!!) to SoHo to find Jon Bon Jovi's house (Mazz has a massive crush on Jon) - It was in the dodgiest little street! we looked at the shops in SoHo and I found a Forever 21, and I'm in l♥ve!! Then we went to Tiffany and Co! OH MY GOD, heaven! Mazz bought a beautiful bracelet, and we just had a ball looking around and watching people spend 10s of thousands of dollars! We then searched for a KFC but had to have Maccas instead!

We watched Jersey Shore - my new favorite show! and Teen Mom back at the hotel.. I ♥ American crappy tv!!


  1. Oh and that pizza is bigger than your head!

  2. Well shit. Come to any mall in America and you can watch Teen Mom live. Seriously- I was at the mall and felt so old watching 15 year old kids toting babies around. I love how you totally look like a tourist! :)


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