Monday, January 25, 2010

USA trip. Day fourteen 09 January 2010. California

The Sugar Shack, Huntington Beach

Forever 21, or in my eyes, Heaven!

Huntington Beach

Mazz pretending to be The Hoff!

My turn!

now it's photo shoot time!

The Queen Mazza!

Me, using the phone!

What better time to break out the photo shoot moves!

Mazz freaking out about the smoke stacks lol

coz that's how we roll!

Mazz doesn't think the purdy garden is very nice!

We love the sexy bus!

Hugs for the sexy bus!

Automatic doors man!

Dogie driving the sexy bus from the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road!

rollin' in the sexy bus

get off the plane at LAX....

Santa Monica Pier
(yes girls from the Grunt days, I did sing the song, and do the dance moves!!)

Santa Monica Beach

Ghosting in the USA!

Mazz's favorite thing - standing in the middle of someones photo!
She did her best work ever on Hollywood Blvd I think!
Bye Bye America, we loved you!

Hmmm, this should get me home!
Our last day in America :(
Breaky @ the Sugar Shack, I'll miss their bacon and eggs!
Ma is all better now, but Dougie is feeling pretty crap :(
After checking out, we drove the PCH through some dodgy towns where Mazz and I locked the doors they were so scary! We saw the US version of my work - Ma's excuse for an annual work paid USA trip!! Then we went and had a look at The Queen Mary, mucked around there for a while before doing some shopping and getting some pinkberry at Marina Del Ray. We spent the afternoon in Santa Monica.
Mazz and I went down to Santa Monica Pier where we played some carnival games and got stupid photos in a booth, Mazz played her classic "get in other peoples photos" game and in Katie's honor, we did some ghosting, we had yummy lunch on the pier while Ma sat with Dougie as he tried to feel better before 14 hours on a plane - not the best place for a stomach upset!
Then we drove the sexy bus to LAX :(, dropped it off at the rental place and spent the rest of my US Dollars on duty free perfume and lots of chocolates and lollies (mmm Hershey's!) and boarded the plane for the boring flight to boring home!

An awesome end to an awesome holiday.

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  1. Was pinkberry like fabulous? I've never had it and it just looks delicious. mmmm...


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