Tuesday, January 19, 2010

USA trip. Day one December 27th 2009. Melbourne to LAX to Washington, DC

I wrote a travel diary while I was away, I thought I'd rewrite it here so you could all see what an awesome holiday I had, and also so that it's here for me to look at and reminisce whenever I want! So lets start at day one shall we!....

Long Day!
We left home at 7.30am, our flight was at 12 noon. 14 hours to LAX. Waited 4 more for our 5 hour flight to DC!
We stayed at the Capital Hilton - Very nice! Had HUGE Hilton burgers for dinner.
DC had a blizzard a week before we arrived so still some snow on the ground.
From home to hotel was approx 27 hours!
Lived this day twice considering we arrived at LAX at 7.20am - 10 minutes before we left home!!

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  1. Awesome! Travel diary... love it! When we went to Nuie for our honeymoon, we crossed the date line... so essentially travelled back in time. Sucks coming the other way though!


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