Thursday, January 21, 2010

USA trip. Day seven 02 January 2010. New York City to Boston

The New York City Penn Station Christmas tree

Sad to be leaving New York!

Our last look as we leave New York on Amtrak

Wasn't long before we started seeing snow, it was so beautiful

Mazz being a lady

It was so cold that when a door on the train was left open, the train filled with snow!

The tracks were covered in snow!

The Onyx, our Boston home
We caught Amtrak again, this time fromNew York City to Boston. The definition of stress is trying to get 4 20 kg bags firstly on to a train and then into the over head lugage compartment with out taking someones head off!
It was a pretty long ride, about 5 hours, but from not far out of New York it started snowing, I've never seen so much snow in my life!
We arrived in Boston in the dark, and it was snowing! One of Ma's bags were left in the taxi.... the other definition of stress! but the taxi driver bought it back to the Hotel at about midnight, a very pleasant surprise!
The Onyx, where we are staying is a modern, really trendy, nice hotel, it's also dog friendly and when you walk in there is a bowl of dog food and a note "The Onyx welcomes Riley and Otis" how awesome! The people here are by far the nicest we've met. Though I doubt they see a lot of Australians - they found our accents hard to understand but seemed genuinly interested in where we come from and what our travels entail!
We had a fairly early night and had room service for dinner.

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